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horses in the field


Growing up on our working cattle ranch located in beautiful southwestern Montana has really made us appreciate a good all around horse.

We bought our first registered Morgan horse in 1983. Since then, the disposition, character, trainability and athletic abilities of these horses have won us over. They were an integral part of our ranching operation and are used for a variety of jobs as working cow horses, including roundup, branding and calving. Their conformation and sensible, willing nature make them the best choice for our mountainous terrain. It’s their beauty, heart, stamina and work ethic that really sets the Morgan horse apart from other breeds.

Our breeding program is committed to producing duplicates in type, temperament and endurance to Justin Morgan the foundation sire of the Morgan horse. Justin Morgan was known to out work, out run, and out pull any horse of his day. What ever discipline you choose consider one of our Versatile Morgan Horses. Visit our Morgan Horses for sale on the Sales page. Your very own special Morgan Horse could be right there! We are centrally located in Montana half way between Great Falls and Missoula on highway 200 and just an hour from Helena. These wonderful Morgan Horses are not only our working partners, they are our lifetime friends. We invite you to come and meet them.

Arena Barn

Photo by Heidi Osgood Metcalf