Sandrock Joel


June 6, 1983 – December 15, 2018

My beautiful boy and one of my oldest and dearest friends was laid to rest on Saturday. Sandrock Joel (Edgewood Hallmark x His Mark Charity) foaled 6-6-83 died 12-15-2018. He stayed as long as he could but it was evident he was ready to leave us behind and join his band of mares waiting on the other side. His last day we went for a walk to the slide track with a view of the place, all his mares and foals that are still here and the valley he has called home the last 34 years. Then I took him to talk to the horses he hasn’t seen for a while. I groomed him and turned him out in the little pasture next to his mares where he ate hay and his goodies and accepted visitors and peppermint treats. Hope Quay and Josey Sutton, Larry Linda Menard (a huge Thank you Larry for preparing his last resting place and Ted and Janice Young Dvm Windrel who made his transition to his new greener pastures one of peace and tranquility.) and of course my husband Rodger Holm gave him lots of loving too. His last moments were as his life, a class act. He nickered goodbye as he left this world or maybe he was saying hello to his girls on the other side… Things will never seem quite right here as he was the reason for Devine Morgans. He left us so many gifts, fillies lately and of course Luke. He was truly a one of a kind and I was so blessed for all the time I had with him. I really didn’t tell him goodbye. I just kept thanking him and telling him I love him as he parted this world.